Serving All of Maryland

The Law Office of Sherwood R. Wescott is comprised of highly skilled and aggressive trial attorneys who have dedicated their careers to the practice of litigation.

Our uniquely experienced attorneys work together as a team, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and trial techniques, to provide an unsurpassed level of legal representation for our clients.

Our clientele list includes high-profile individuals such as elect officials, business executives, and media personalities/celebrities. We firmly believe that this success and trust was earned by guaranteeing each and every client the utmost in attention, preparation, and aggressive representation.

Proper representation can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your legal matters, therefore, please give careful consideration to the selection of your attorney.

The many successes of Sherwood R. Wescott can be directly attributed to the philosophical foundation upon which this firm was built. We choose to pursue only a limited number of cases each year so that we can completely immerse ourselves in the needs and concerns of our clients. Every case is fully developed for trial. Demanding such thorough preparation gives our clients the time and attention they deserve, and in turn, allows us to fully represent the clients’ interests toward reaching a successful outcome.